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RT issue as per API 1104

RT issue as per API 1104

Postby smart22ash » Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:50 pm

Dear Experts,
Could you please explain me the acceptance criteria for RT in API 1104. The scenario is: we found slag in welding of 18" x 23.8 mm thickness API 5L X65 LSAW pipes during SMAW welding (we cut the pipe in between and welded again for Marker Purpose in subsea). We found slag (ISI) in X-ray which is more than 13 mm aggregate. Now the problem is weather we have to accept it or repair it because there are 2 statements in API 1104. The one is aggregate 13 mm in 300 mm length not accepted and the second one is maximum 8% overall circumferential area accepted. So, which statement we have to consider? As per the first statement it is repair and as per the second statement it is accepted.
Please advice.
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Re: RT issue as per API 1104

Postby Ballbearing » Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:27 am

smart22ash, For pipe with an outside diameter greater than or
equal to 2.375 in. (60.3 mm), slag inclusions shall be considered
a defect should any of the following conditions exist:

If the ISI does not comply with the 13 mm requirement then the 8% requirement is irrelevant,
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