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New Procedure Qualification

New Procedure Qualification

Postby shemeeryoonas » Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:17 am

Dear Experts,

I would like bring your kind assistance to the following issue.

I need to qualify PQR for 1G, 2G, 3G vertical up & 4G positions in accordance with AWS D1.1. So, provided the requirements on Table 4.1, 4.6, 4.5 etc, I would like to get a clear idea how much specimens should I prepare to cover all positions. Shall be one for each position (four specimens) or there is any other provision to limit the number of specimens? Please advise me with code references.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,
Thanks & regards,
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Re: New Procedure Qualification

Postby claudconger » Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:08 am

What you got on it now?
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