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Procedure Qualified as per Section 4 - TKY Joint

Procedure Qualified as per Section 4 - TKY Joint

Postby laurudolphy » Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:28 pm

Hi, Folks,

We have a welding procedure that was welded, ndt tested, mechanically tested in 6GR Position, as per figure 4.25 AWS D1.1.
Pipe used was 6" Sch 120 to 6" Sch XXS. (WT 14.3 to 21.9) I hope I have the figures right.
No back gouging or backing was done during qualification.

My query to the experts is

Using this CJP TKY welding qualification procedure,

1, Can I write a WPS to weld Open Root CJP Butt Joint in production welding?

2, If yes under which clause does it say that it permits to use a TKY procedure to weld a CJP Butt Joint.

3. And if I cannot use it, Why.

4. Assuming that I can use this CJP TKY Procedure for CJP Butt Joint, can I have a ceramic strip for welding either for a Single Bevel or Single V groove configuration.

I am of the opinion of the following.

1. There are no pre qualifed joints for CJP Butt Joints in Section 3. They all come with either backing or gouging and back welding.
2. Table 4.1 says 6GR qualifies ALL (d), and note "d" takes me to 3.12 and 3.13, which says that any backing other than steel OR without back gouging is called as PJP.

Appreciate your comments and advise on this.

Thanks in advance.
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