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Plate qualification by pipe

Plate qualification by pipe

Postby albertop84 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:24 pm

Reading the standard EN 15614-1 I can not find where it is specified that pipe qualifies plate in fillet welds. Could anyone help me? Thanks
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Re: Plate qualification by pipe

Postby mawsamit » Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:09 pm

Dear Albertop84,

As per EN 15614-1 you cannot qualify plate welding with qualification test that was done with pipe. Please have a look at table 7 of that standard where it is made clear that pipe qualifies only pipe. On the contrary, as per par., qualification given for plates also covers pipes only when the outside diameter is > 500 mm or when the diameter is >150 mm welded in the PA or PC rotated position.

Hope that helps,
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Re: Plate qualification by pipe

Postby MikeHotchkiss » Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:14 am

what if the diameter is 780 mm ??? please do tell me
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